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May 2022

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Innovative Painting | Drywall Repairs
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Drywall Repairs

Is your deck looking a little rough? Call Innovative Painting, we have the proper tools and technique to make your deck surface something to be proud of. We also use the finest products, making us the best choice to bring your deck back to life.
One of the most common drywall repairs is from doorknobs being hit into the wall. When fixing a hole in your drywall that is caused by a doorknob, you would first start by cutting a perfect square in the wall with a drywall saw, where the hole is. Then you would measure the size of the square you cut out of the wall. Now, take your new sheet of drywall and cut out a sheet just slightly smaller, just big enough to fit into your hole in the wall that you have previously cut out. You may need a couple of screws to hold your new piece of drywall in place. Once it is in place, take your drywall tape and tape the seams. Now go and mix up some drywall mud, it is important that is not too think or too thick. This makes it easier to work with. After the mud is mixed, apply two or three light coats to the seams. Make sure not to leave ridges when applying the mud because then sanding will be harder. Be sure to dry wet mud with a heat gun and sand in between coats. It is important to dry the wet mud extremely well after your final coat. Note when drying the mud to keep the heat gun in motion so it does not cause bubbles. If the paint is applied too early, without the seams being completely dry, this could cause premature failure to your repair. Make sure to spot prime repairs to keep from causing flashing. Also, after completely finishing the repair, we recommend installing a door stop to ensure that this won’t happen again. Below are before and after pictures for a drywall repair I have done.

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